Product Details: MOTS-C, a cutting-edge research peptide, represents the forefront of scientific inquiry into cellular metabolism and energy regulation. With its origins in mitochondrial DNA, MOTS-C holds immense promise for researchers delving into metabolic disorders, aging-related studies, and cellular physiology.

Active Ingredient: MOTS-C (Mitochondrial Orphan Receptor)

Purity: >99.87%

Form: Lyophilized powder

Batch: MOTS-001

MOTS-C, a novel peptide, has captured the attention of researchers worldwide due to its potential implications in various realms of scientific exploration. This synthetic peptide offers an intriguing avenue for investigating mitochondrial function and its influence on cellular processes.

As scientists unravel the mysteries of cellular metabolism and energy regulation, MOTS-C stands as a valuable tool in their investigative toolkit. Its mechanism of action involves interactions with cellular pathways associated with energy metabolism, presenting opportunities for groundbreaking discoveries in metabolic research.

It’s imperative to underscore that MOTS-C is intended exclusively for research purposes and is not intended for human or animal consumption. Researchers are strongly advised to adhere to ethical and legal standards when utilizing MOTS-C for scientific investigations in the realms of cellular physiology, metabolic disorders, and related studies.

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